Before Entrepreneurship Program

Are  you thinking of starting a business or going into full-time entrepreneurship but feel unsure about a whole lot of things?

This program is designed for you. It gives you insights about what you can expect from the entrepreneurship journey. It empowers you with some of the key elements of knowledge that you will need for the journey and guides you on how you may need to prepare for the step. We engage with you on the nature of business you would like to do and make sure that you have done “your homework”.

You can expect to learn about creating and expanding your vision, business formalities and structuring, regulatory environments, capital and types of capital, raising money, shares and giving shares, creating and defining products, marketing, operations, human resources, risks, systems, financial management, cashflow, debt, selling, negotiation skills, customer relations and customer management, business communications, business process automation, etiquette and leadership.

Program Structure

Number of Modules in Program: 12

Program Duration: 12 Weeks

Program Structure: 1 on 1 sessions and Self Study

Duration of Each 1 on 1 Session: 1 hour (Flexible Scheduling), In Person or Video Call, 2 Times A Week


1. Types of Businesses, Business Formalities and Structuring & Regulatory Environments 1

2. Capital, Types of Capital, Raising Capital, Shares, Share Allocations & Share Politics 1

3. Products and Services, Creating and Defining Products and Offerings 1

4. Marketing and Branding Your Business and Products or Services 1

5. Operations Excellence 1

6. Human Resources, Management and Leadership For Entrepreneurs 1

7. Business Financial Management, Accounting, Cashflow, Debt 1

8. Risks, Systems and Insurance 1

9. Pricing, Sales and Negotiation Skills 1

10. Business Communications, Etiquette and PR 1

11. Customer Relations Management 1

12. IT for Business People 1

Fee Structure

South African Participants: R 2,000 per module payable upfront or R 15,000.00 full course payable upfront

International Participants: US$ 200 per module payable upfront or US$ 1,500.00 full course payable upfront

Course Season

Registration Period: All Year

Course Commencement Date: All Year

Join, Enjoy, Learn, Network, Connect And Succeed!