Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

If you are in business but feel like things are getting stagnant or slow, you need to sign up for the Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

Now that you’ve been on the journey for a bit, you often start to reflect and start seeing more clearly where your gaps are in knowledge, implementation and resources.

Do you feel like there are key things that you don’t know or don’t have access to, and this is letting you down?

Let us sit with you and help you to get to the next level in your entrepreneurship competency. It’s a tough journey and you want to dip into a bigger well of knowledge and boost your self-confidence when you feel limited.

You can expect to learn more about building and defining your business properly, refining your vision and mission, and cementing all the key elements of your business in order to step into the future you want.

Program Structure

Number of Modules in Program: 12

Program Duration: 12 Weeks

Program Structure: 1 on 1 sessions and Self Study

Duration of Each 1 on 1 Session: 1 hour (Flexible Scheduling), In Person or Video Call, 2 Times A Week


1. Refining Your Vision and Mission. Setting Short Term and Long Term Objectives 1

2. Review of Capital Levels, Types of Capital, Additional Capital, Shares, Share Allocations & Share Politics 2

3. Products and Services, Creating and Defining Products and Offerings 2

4. Marketing and Branding Your Business and Products or Services 2

5. Operations and Business Process Automation 2

6. Human Resources, Management and Leadership For Entrepreneurs 2

7. Business Financial Management, Accounting, Cashflow, Debt 2

8. Risks, Systems and Insurance 2

9. Pricing, Sales and Negotiation Skills 2

10. Business Communications, Etiquette and PR 2

11. Customer Relations Management 2

12. IT for Business People 2

Fee Structure

South African Participants: R 3,000 per module payable upfront or R 30,000.00 full course payable upfront

International Participants: US$ 300 per module payable upfront or US$ 3,000.00 full course payable upfront

Course Season

Registration Period: All Year

Course Commencement Date: All Year

Join, Enjoy, Learn, Network, Connect And Succeed!