Etiquette Training For Business & Personal Excellence

Etiquette is a key thing for both business and personal success.

Sign up for this program to refine your business and personal character.

You will learn the do’s and don’ts of presentation, behaviour, relationship management and set yourself apart through learning adopting world-class standards.

Refine your telephone manner, email etiquette, meeting etiquette, dining etiquette, conversation etiquette and more. Learn a bit about event and diplomatic etiquette as well.

Program Structure

Number of Modules in Program: 12

Program Duration: 12 Weeks

Program Structure: 1 on 1 sessions and Self Study

Duration of Each 1 on 1 Session: 1 hour (Flexible Scheduling), In Person or Video Call, 2 Times A Week


1. How We Are Made By Our Background, Upbringing, Learning and Experiences

2. Self Awareness. Knowing Yourself As A Person

3. Self Identity. Defining Yourself To Be Who You Want To Be

4. How To Dress and Groom Yourself

5. Family Etiquette

6. Love and Relationships

7. Choosing and Making Friends and Relating To Friends

8. Social Etiquette and Networking

9. Dining Etiquette

10. High Profile Events and People

11. Workplace Etiquette

12. Writing Etiquette

Fee Structure

South African Participants: R 2,000 per module payable upfront or R 20,000.00 full course payable upfront

International Participants: US$ 200 per module payable upfront or US$ 2,000.00 full course payable upfront

Course Season

Registration Period: All Year

Course Commencement Date: All Year

Join, Enjoy, Learn, Network, Connect And Succeed!