Executive & Board Development Program

Do you feel that it’s time for you to play at the executive and board level?

Oftentimes, you may need to demonstrate this readiness and this program equips you with the elements that you need for this senior responsibility.

You may already be in the game but feel unprepared or out of place. Sign up and increase your confidence by learning what it takes to really kill it and excel at executive and board member level.

We drill a lot on strategic competency, superior people management and building your personal brand.

You get to learn more about shareholders and their character, the appointment of the board of directors, its composition and criteria, and management, and how the three elements of business intertwine to chase and achieve broad business objectives together. 

Program Structure

Number of Modules in Program: 12

Program Duration: 12 Weeks

Program Structure: 1 on 1 sessions and Self Study

Duration of Each 1 on 1 Session: 1 hour (Flexible Scheduling), In Person or Video Call, 2 Times A Week


1. Shareholders and Types of Shareholders, Duties, Responsibilities, Rights and Privileges

2. Creation, Composition and Election of The Board of Directors

3. The Chairman of The Board, Character, Duties and Responsibilities

4. The Members of The Board, Character, Duties and Responsibilities

5. The Chief Executive Officer, Character, Duties and Responsibilities

6. Creation, Composition and Appointment of Management

7. The Board of Directors vs Management

7. The Shareholders vs Board of Directors

8. The Annual General Meeting

9. Understanding The Board Pack, Financial Statements, Reporting and Key Ratios

10. Leadership Excellence For Board Members and Management

11. Peer and Stakeholder Relations For Board Members and Management

12. Personal Branding and Etiquette For Board Members and Management 

Fee Structure

South African Participants: R 5,000 per module payable upfront or R 50,000.00 full course payable upfront

International Participants: US$ 500 per module payable upfront or US$ 5,000.00 full course payable upfront

Course Season

Registration Period: All Year

Course Commencement Date: All Year

Join, Enjoy, Learn, Network, Connect And Succeed!